Planning for your interior paint upgrade

Planning for your interior paint upgrade


Once you decide to upgrade your home by splashing on a fresh coat of paint, it’s important to remember that having a home’s interior painted is not the same as having the exterior done.  There are several things to consider to make the interior painting upgrade the best experience possible.  To get the job done with the least amount of time, trouble, and money, most Spokane residents turn to the Pros.  Hiring a reputable Interior painting contractor like Spokane Painting Pros is key.  Preparation and good communication, beforehand and throughout, can ensure that you get the exact results you’re looking for.

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Determine exactly what you want to have painted


Homeowners will benefit from identifying all of the walls, trim, and other areas that they wish to have painted.  Not considering the whole project until it has begun often leads to additional time and money.  Even the best painters cannot provide an accurate estimate or deadline if the homeowner is not planful and specific.  The thorough bidding process offered by Spokane Painting Pros can alleviate these potential pitfalls.


Specify the specifics!


No doubt, you as homeowner have specific expectations for upgrading the home’s interior paint.  Create a list of those areas and items that you wish to have painted, as well as how many coats you expect, and other particulars that you are envisioning.  Again, good, clear communication will assist in meeting both expectations and deadlines.  Here is where you may detail if you, for instance, want the painters to move the furniture and/or return items to how they found them, or if you expect furnishings to be covered, or special textures made to the walls.  It is also fine if you as homeower are not certain about these specifics.  With Spokane Painting Pros, we will work with you to determine what will best meet your needs and leave you with the highest level of satisfaction.


Why choose Spokane Painting Pros


Often, homeowners choose a painting company by first asking around.  Asking trusted friends, family, and neighbors who they have found success with in their interior painting projects can help assure a similar experience for you. If you’re new to your area, check with reputable paint outlet (i.e., Sherwin Williams Spokane) who they would recommend.  Pay a visit to the painting company’s website; get a feel for their business and pay close attention to the testimonials.  If you lie in Spokane or surrounding areas, we know that any and every route you choose in verifying quality painters, Spokane Painting Pros will be represented.  Also important is how responsive your painting company is: do they answer their phones and return calls in a timely fashion?  Do they go the extra mile to ensure that they know what you want?  Is their timeframe for starting and completing the job compatible with your needs and expectations?  Do you feel like your painting request is a priority to them?  Our skilled professionals have you covered; from routine rolling to high-volume spraying, and everything in-between.  We are reknowned for creating long-term relationships with our clients and the Spokane Community.

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