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Painting your home to sell

One of our Spokane homeowner clients, Anna Giddings, recalls how a realtor told her that she needed to do away with many of her personal items in order to sell her home.  The real estate agent was even more adamant, however, that Anna update the interior paint colors throughout the home.  real estate paintingAnd this is not unusual; in general 90-percent of all real estate agents strongly suggest a fresh coat of paint in the homes of all their clients.  So why is this some of the most sage advice from those who know best?  It has been proven time and again that homeowners will be rewarded with a larger return on investment if they invest in a few gallons of paint.

 A General Reminder

Anna was told to remove her personal effects in her home in order to wipe the canvas clean, so to speak.  Creating a space that’s neutral, impersonal, allows potential buyers to project their own style onto the space; envisioning it as their own.  Using the neutral theme with regards to staging the home can also encourage potential buyers to imagine the home as their own.  Dark or bright paint colors, for instance, will need to be re-painted.  To best set the tone, use creams, pale yellows, or even off-white to create a warm-yet-neutral atmosphere.  And that wallpaper that you once thought was so stylish?  It needs to go, too. Wall paper removal can be done by experts or novices Opt instead for paint, which allows more opportunities to neutralize the home.  And not just neutral: for the biggest bang for your buck, make sure the painted walls are free of all marks, dings, and other obvious imperfections.  The home should tell potential buyers that is has been well-maintained, cared for, and loved.

The Kitchen
The Spokane Realtor encouraged Anna to go  room-by-room in her home, inspecting the wall colors and deciding which colors are marketable to buyers and which need an upgrade.  Anna’s approach started in the kitchen.  There, it’s smartest to use a palette based in the yellow or orange families.  Because these colors are food-related, they bode well for this space.  Continue to focus on the soft, neutral, shades within this group of colors.

The Bathroom
As Anna moved on to the bathrooms, she recalled her realtor stating that paint colors here must be lighter, so as to ake the space appear larger.  Accent colors can come in, instead, in decor, such as towels or aoter accessories.  One doesn’t have to stick to just white, however: try a tan, pale beige, or yellow hues.  Accentuating painting colors in the floors, counters, backsplash, or bath tiles is a great option, as long as it’s neutral.

The Bedroom
This space, as Anna learned, is another wherein it’s especially important to avoid dark, bright, or “loud” paint colors.  As this space is often considered a sanctuary, a quiet and comforting space, it’s best to select another very neutral tone.  Remember to consider any flow from a bed space to an ajoining bath space.

The Home Office
This is the space wherein you can choose the richer, warmer hues in the home.  Splashing on a spice color –nutmeg, cinnamon, deep saffron– or even darker shades such as blues and greens is called for here.  Salmon tone interior paint compliment people’s skin; pale beige and soft blue are both tranquil. painting to sell homeWhen selling a home, many neglect such spaces as the garage or patio space.  Applying a fresh coat of paint or stain will go far, though just ensuring that decks and patios are clean, pressure washed, and free of debris.  Garage paint is something to remember, too.  Tones that match or complement that of the house are key.  Interior painting colors to avoid overall include include bright white, darks like red or black, or loud colors or patterns – including paint or wallpaper.









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