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Log Home Restoration and Re-finishing Spokane

Spokane Painting Pros have experience in a variety of log home refinishing and restoration in Spokane and the inland northwest. Our experienced team members can help you decide the best course of action for your log cabin or wood sided home. Our log home restoration services include pressure washing and cleaning, as well as staining and coating. It is crucial to the longevity of the property to have the log home finishing done and maintained correctly.

log home restoration project Spokane
Log home restoration Spokane


Log Home Staining:


Log home refinishing and maintenance is done to the log stain manufactures specifications. In order to maintain a  quality log finish, a log home or cabin requires a clean, dirt free, surface on which to apply stain. Spokane Painting Pros prepares your log home prior to  applying a log home maintenance coat of stain with attention to detail from a dedicated log home staining contractor Spokane.

Log home refinishing Spokane

This is a log home in which an acid wash was used to restore the original color. After applying the acid wash, the logs were scrubbed and then rinsed to achieve the desired color while removing any stains that occurred due to weathering.

Our Log home refinishing Spokane crew then applied a Rural Manor semi transparent stain from Rodda. This log home finish stain is sprayed rather than brushed or rolled.  As you can see the results were amazing! Please call use for your log home re-finishing, staining, or maintenance needs.

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