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Choosing a Paint Sheen: General Overview

Choosing a Paint Sheen

Now that you have picked out your paint colors in Spokane, it’s time to pick a paint sheen. How do we do this?  Below is the types of paint sheens you can choose from:

painters sheen chart




Flat finishes are harder to clean but they are excellent at hiding imperfections and flaws in both walls and ceilings. These finishes are perfect for bedrooms ( Not Children’s bedrooms) or other types of low traffic areas in your house.




The name pretty much says it for this finish. It  will look  like the outer  shell of eggs. Eggshell is more durable and cleans much easier than a flat finish does. Dining and Living rooms are where you can use this finish.



Satin finish is easy to clean and works great for areas that tend to get a lot of traffic and  could be prone to scratches and scuff marks like  hallways do. Satin finishes are also great for children and family rooms. It is easy to clean but difficult to touch up.




The lasting choice for kitchens and bathrooms is a semi-gloss finish. It handles moisture and scuffs better than any other finish. It’s  easy to clean and durability makes it a great choice for doors, windows and trim.




Rarely is High gloss used on walls as it is just too shiny and would show every imperfection in the wall. It is also the easiest to clean and very durable. Excellent  for wood trim and cabinets where you want reflective properties.


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